Live 1980 ! Répression live sur Nantes – Trust



This album is a live recording of the French hard rock band Trust, performed in Nantes in 1980. It features songs from their second studio album, Répression, which was released earlier that year and became a huge success in France and Europe. The album contains some of their most famous tracks, such as Antisocial, Le Mitard, and Monsieur Comédie, as well as covers of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell and Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll. The band delivers a powerful and energetic performance, with Bernard “Bernie” Bonvoisin’s raw vocals and Norbert “Nono” Krief’s guitar solos. The album captures the spirit of Trust’s music, which combines hard rock influences, social and political commentary, and a rebellious attitude.

The different versions published for this album :