Live and Solo – Yes – 2006



Album Live and Solo by the band Yes
Album Live and Solo by the band Yes

Live and Solo is a compilation album that features live performances by the progressive rock band Yes and some of their solo projects. The album includes classic songs like “Yours Is No Disgrace”, “Close to the Edge” and “Roundabout”, as well as newer tracks like “Magnification” and “Homeworld”. The album also showcases the talents of the individual members, such as Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire and Alan White, in various solo and collaborative works. The album is a must-have for any fan of Yes and their unique musical style.

Live and Solo is considered to be one of Yes’s most important live albums. It is a showcase of the band’s enduring legacy, and it is sure to please fans of Yes and anyone who appreciates well-crafted and passionate rock music.

The personnel of the album Live and Solo – Yes – 2006 are:

  • Jon Anderson – vocals, guitar, harp
  • Steve Howe – guitar, vocals
  • Chris Squire – bass, vocals
  • Rick Wakeman – keyboards
  • Alan White – drums, percussion

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