Live at Rockpalast – Robben Ford – 2014



Album Live at Rockpalast by Robben Ford
Album Live at Rockpalast by Robben Ford

Live at Rockpalast is a live album by American blues guitarist and singer Robben Ford, released in 2014 by Repertoire Records. The album features two CDs and one DVD, capturing Ford’s performances at the Leverkusener Jazztage festival in Germany in 2007 and 1998. The album showcases Ford’s virtuosity and versatility on the guitar, as well as his soulful vocals and eclectic repertoire. The album includes songs from Ford’s solo albums, such as How Deep In The Blues (Do You Want To Go), Supernatural and Cannonball Shuffle, as well as covers of classics by B.B. King, Bob Dylan and Wes Montgomery. The album also features Ford’s longtime collaborators Roscoe Beck on bass, Tom Brechtlein on drums and James Slattery on keyboards. Live at Rockpalast is a must-have for fans of Robben Ford and blues guitar in general.

Live at Rockpalast is considered to be one of Robben Ford’s most important live albums. It is a showcase of his talent as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, and it is sure to please fans of blues music and anyone who appreciates well-crafted and passionate music.

The personnel of the album Live at Rockpalast – Robben Ford – 2014 are:

  • Guitar, Vocals: Robben Ford
  • Keyboards: James Slattery (tracks: CD2-1~7, DVD1-15~21)
  • Bass: Roscoe Beck (tracks: CD2-1~7, DVD1-15~21), Travis Carlton (tracks: CD1-1~12, DVD1-2~12, 14)
  • Drums: Tom Brechtlein (tracks: CD2-1~7, DVD1-15~21), Toss Panos (tracks: CD1-1~1-12, DVD1-2~12, 14)

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