Live At The Bbc – The Mission – 2008



Album Live At The Bbc by the band The Mission
Album Live At The Bbc by the band The Mission

Live At The Bbc – The Mission 2008 is a live album by the British gothic rock band The Mission. It was recorded during their 2008 reunion tour and features songs from their first four albums, as well as some rare and unreleased tracks. The album captures the energy and passion of the band’s live performances, as well as their interaction with the enthusiastic audience. The album was released in 2009 by Mercury Records and received positive reviews from critics and fans alike.


The album Live At The Bbc was a commercial success, reaching number 30 on the UK Albums Chart. It was praised by critics for its raw energy and its capturing of The Mission’s early sound. AllMusic gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, calling it “a great introduction to The Mission’s early work”.

The personnel of the album Live At The BBC – The Mission – 2008 are:

  • Wayne Hussey – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Craig Adams – bass
  • Simon Hinkler – guitar, keyboards
  • Alex Baum – drums (tracks 1-5)
  • Mick Brown – drums (tracks 6-14)

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