Live In Poland – The Blues Band – 2001



Album Live In Poland by The Blues Band
Album Live In Poland by The Blues Band

The Blues Band is one of the most influential and respected British blues groups, with a history that spans over four decades. In 2001, they recorded a live album in Poland, showcasing their passion and skill for playing authentic blues and blues rock. The album features some of their classic songs, such as “Come On In”, “Flatfoot Sam” and “Maggie’s Farm”, as well as covers of legends like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Howlin’ Wolf. The album captures the energy and excitement of their live performances, and demonstrates why they are still regarded as one of the best blues bands in the world.

Live in Poland” is a great live album from a great blues band. It is a must-have for any fan of The Blues Band or blues music in general.


  • Paul Jones – harmonica, vocals
  • Dave Kelly – slide guitar, vocals
  • Tom McGuinness – lead guitar, vocals
  • Gary Fletcher – bass, backing vocals
  • Rob Townsend – drums

The album was recorded live at the Rawa Blues Festival, Katowice, Poland on September 28th 1996 .

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