Made Again – Marillion



Album Made Again by the band Marillion
Album Made Again by the band Marillion

Made Again is a live album by the British progressive rock band Marillion, released in 1996. It was their first live album with singer Steve Hogarth, who joined the band in 1989 after the departure of Fish. The album features songs from four studio albums: Holidays in Eden (1991), Afraid of Sunlight (1995), Brave (1994), and Misplaced Childhood (1985). The album also includes a complete live performance of Brave, a concept album about a troubled girl who is rescued from a bridge by a stranger. The album was recorded at various locations in Europe, including London, Rotterdam, and Paris. The album received positive reviews from critics, who praised the band’s musicianship and Hogarth’s vocals. The album reached number 37 on the UK Albums Chart, and was the last album Marillion released under their contract with EMI Records.

Made Again is a must-have album for any fan of Marillion. It is a great introduction to the band’s music, and it captures the energy and excitement of their live performances.


  • Steve Hogarth – chant, claviers, guitare, percussions, MIDI Gloves
  • Steve Rothery – guitare électrique et acoustique
  • Pete Trewavas – basse, guitare acoustique, moog bass pedals, MIDI pedals, chœurs
  • Mark Kelly – claviers, échantillonneur, effets sonores, chœurs
  • Ian Mosley – batterie

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