Magnification – Yes – 2001


Magnification - Yes
Magnification - Yes

The album was a commercial disappointment, reaching number 71 on the UK Albums Chart and number 186 on the US Billboard 200 chart. However, it was well-received by critics, who praised the band’s experimentation and the quality of the music. AllMusic called the album “a must-have for any fan of Yes or progressive rock music.”

The album’s title track is a 23-minute suite that is divided into eight parts. It is a complex and challenging piece of music that features a variety of musical styles, including progressive rock, classical music, and electronic music. Other notable tracks on the album include “Can’t Take That Away,” “We Can Fly,” and “Close to the Edge.”

Magnification is a challenging and rewarding album for fans of progressive rock. It is a complex and experimental album that features some of Yes’ most ambitious and challenging music.

Here is the album’s tracklist:

    1. Magnification (23:05)
    2. Can’t Take That Away (05:09)
    3. We Can Fly (04:19)
    4. In the Presence of (05:30)
    5. Give Love Each Day (06:16)
    6. Spirit of Survival (04:50)
    7. Don’t Go (05:10)
    8. Magnification (Reprise) (04:04)
    9. Close to the Edge (10:19) (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, 21 October 2000)

The personnel of the album Magnification by the English progressive rock band Yes, released in 2001, are:

  • Jon Anderson – lead vocals
  • Steve Howe – guitars, backing vocals
  • Chris Squire – bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Can You Imagine”
  • Alan White – drums, percussion, piano
  • Larry Groupé – orchestral arrangements, conductor
  • The San Diego Symphony Orchestra

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