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Marillion.Cl / Viernes.Noche is a live album by British progressive rock band Marillion, released in 2019 by Racket Records. The album contains the recording of the concert on Friday 19 May 2017 at the Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago, Chile, as part of the Marillion Weekend 2017. The album includes 13 songs spanning the band’s career from their debut album Script for a Jester’s Tear to their latest release Sounds That Can’t Be Made, including classics such as Misplaced Childhood, Brave and Afraid of Sunlight. The album is also notable for containing the full version of Gaza, a 17-minute song about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The album was mixed by Michael Hunter and the artwork was done by Simon Ward. Marillion.Cl / Viernes.Noche is a showcase of the talent and passion of Marillion, one of the most influential and respected bands in contemporary progressive rock.

The different versions published for this album :