Memories of Old Days – Gentle Giant – 2013



Boxset Memories of Old Days by Gentle Giant
Boxset Memories of Old Days by Gentle Giant

Memories of Old Days is a compilation album by the British progressive rock band Gentle Giant, released in 2013. The album contains a selection of songs from the band’s career, spanning from their debut album Gentle Giant in 1970 to their final studio album Civilian in 1980. The album also includes some rare and unreleased tracks, such as live versions, demos, and alternate mixes. The album is a tribute to the band’s unique and innovative musical style, which combined elements of rock, classical, medieval, jazz, and folk music. Gentle Giant was one of the most influential and respected bands in the progressive rock genre, and this album showcases their creativity and diversity.

Memories of Old Days was praised by critics for its sound quality and its capture of the band’s live energy. The album was also praised for its inclusion of rare and unreleased material.


  • Derek Shulman: lead vocals, saxophone, recorder, bass, percussion
  • Ray Shulman: bass, violin, guitar, percussion, vocals
  • Gary Green: guitars, recorder, percussion, vocals
  • Kerry Minnear: keyboards, cello, vibraphone, percussion, vocals
  • John Weathers: drums, percussion, xylophone, vocals

The different versions published for this album :