Merci – Magma – 1984


Album Merci by the band Magma
Album Merci by the band Magma

Merci is the eighth studio album by the French progressive rock band Magma, released in 1984. The album marked a departure from Magma’s previous style, incorporating more elements of soul and jazz-funk music. The lyrics also switched from the invented language of Kobaïan to English and French. Merci was the last album recorded by Magma before they disbanded in 1985, and it received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some praised the album’s diversity and experimentation, while others criticized its lack of coherence and originality. Merci was reissued on CD by Seventh Records in 1989, with remastered sound and bonus tracks.

Merci is an important album in Magma’s discography. It marks a change of direction for the group, but remains faithful to its unique sound.

The personnel of the album Merci by Magma, released in 1984, are:

  • Christian Vander – vocals, piano, celeste, keyboards, percussion
  • Stella Vander – vocals
  • Guy Khalifa – vocals
  • Liza Deluxe – backing vocals
  • Benoit Widemann – synthesizer
  • Klaus Blasquiz – lead vocal on track 1
  • Simon Goubert – synthesizer on tracks 1 and 3
  • Jean Pierre Fouquey – Rhodes piano on track 2
  • Phillipe Slominski – trumpet on track 2

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