Naturally Live – Ten Years After – 2019



Naturally Live - Ten Years After - 2019
Naturally Live - Ten Years After - 2019

Naturally Live is the latest live album by the legendary British blues rock band Ten Years After, released in 2019 to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The album captures the energy and passion of the band’s performance at the Harmonie in Bonn, Germany, on March 24th, 2018. The setlist features classic songs from their iconic albums, such as “I’m Going Home”, “Love Like a Man”, “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” and “I’d Love to Change the World”, as well as newer tracks from their 2017 studio album A Sting in the Tale, such as “Land of the Vandals”, “Silverspoon Lady” and “Last Night of the Bottle”. The album showcases the band’s musical versatility and virtuosity, as well as their enduring appeal to fans of all generations. Naturally Live is a testament to the band’s legacy and influence on the history of rock music.

The album Naturally Live is a celebration of Ten Years After’s legacy, and it showcases the band’s ability to deliver their classic blues-rock anthems with the same energy and passion as they did in their early days.

The personnel of the album are:

– Marcus Bonfanti: Guitar and Vocals
– Colin Hodgkinson: Bass and Backing Vocals
– Chick Churchill: Keyboards
– Ric Lee: Drums and Backing Vocals

Source: Wikipedia

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