New Anger – Gary Numan – 1989


Album New Anger by Gary Numan
Album New Anger by Gary Numan

New Anger is the eleventh studio album by British musician Gary Numan, released in 1989. The album marks a departure from Numan’s previous synth-pop style, incorporating elements of industrial rock, dance and rap music. The album features guest appearances by Patti Smith, Afrika Bambaataa and Bill Nelson.

The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Numan’s experimentation and innovation, but also criticized his vocals, lyrics and production. Some fans also felt alienated by Numan’s new direction, which was more aggressive and abrasive than his earlier work. However, the album also gained Numan some new admirers, especially in the alternative rock scene.

The album spawned three singles: “I’m on Automatic”, “New Anger” and “America”. The first two reached the top 40 in the UK charts, while the third was banned by the BBC for its anti-American lyrics. The album itself peaked at number 48 in the UK and number 116 in the US.

New Anger is an ambitious and daring album that showcases Numan’s versatility and creativity as an artist. It is also a reflection of his personal and professional struggles at the time, as he faced financial difficulties, legal disputes and artistic challenges. The album is not for everyone, but it is a fascinating and unique piece of work that deserves attention and respect.

New Anger is a solid album from Gary Numan. It is a more experimental album than his previous work, but it is still a good listen for fans of his music.


  • Gary Numan – vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Mike Smith – keyboards
  • Keith Beauvais – guitar
  • Dick Morrissey – saxophone
  • Andy Coughlan – bass
  • Martin Elliott – bass
  • Chris Slade – drums
  • Tessa Niles – backing vocals

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