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Album No Nukes 2012 by Yellow Magic Orchestra
Album No Nukes 2012 by Yellow Magic Orchestra

Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) is a legendary Japanese electronic music band that was formed in 1978 by Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The band is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of synthpop, electro, and techno genres, as well as one of the most influential bands in the history of electronic music. They were known for their innovative use of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, and computers, as well as their eclectic musical influences ranging from Kraftwerk to traditional Japanese music.

One of their most acclaimed albums is No Nukes 2012, which was released in 2015 as a live recording of their performance at the No Nukes Festival in Tokyo in 2012. The album features some of their classic songs such as “Computer Game”, “Rydeen”, and “Technopolis”, as well as new arrangements and collaborations with other artists. The album showcases the band’s enduring musical creativity and relevance in the contemporary electronic music scene.

Rolling Stone gave the album No Nukes 2012 three out of five stars, and said that it was “a solid live album that will please fans of Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The personnel of the album No Nukes 2012 by Yellow Magic Orchestra, released in 2015, are:

  • Yellow Magic Orchestra: Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • Electric guitar: Keigo Oyamada
  • Guitar and pedal steel guitar: Ren Takada
  • Computer operation and euphonium: Tomohiko Gondo
  • Recorded and mixed by: Yoshifumi Iio
  • Mastered by: Seigen Ono
  • Art direction and design: Rikako Nagashima
  • Stage manager: Kiyoshi Isayama

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