Nosferatu – Nash the Slash – 2001


Album Nosferatu by Nash the Slash
Album Nosferatu by Nash the Slash

Nosferatu is the eighth studio album by Canadian musician Nash the Slash, released in 2001.

The album is a soundtrack to the 1922 silent film of the same name, directed by F. W. Murnau and based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Nash the Slash composed and performed the music using electric violin, mandolin, keyboards and drum machines. He also added sound effects and dialogue samples from the film to create a rich and atmospheric score that matches the mood and style of the classic horror film.

The album was well received by critics and fans, who praised Nash the Slash’s creativity and originality in reimagining the film’s music. Nosferatu is considered one of Nash the Slash’s best and most ambitious works, as well as a tribute to his love of cinema and horror.

Nosferatu is a bold and successful experiment in film scoring. It’s not just background music; it’s a crucial part of the cinematic experience. If you’re looking for a unique and atmospheric soundtrack that perfectly complements its source material, Nosferatu is a must-listen. However, if you prefer more conventional or upbeat music, you might find it challenging.

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  • Personnel of the album Nosferatu by Nash the Slash (2001):
  • Nash the Slash: electric violin, mandolin, vocals, keyboards, drum machine, effects
  • James Redekop: artwork, design, coordination
  • Scott Kennedy: mastering
  • Dmitri Vole: male choir recording
  • Fauré: original composer of “Requiem” (adapted by Nash the Slash)

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