Novella – Renaissance – 1977


Album Novella by the band Renaissance
Album Novella by the band Renaissance

Novella is the eighth studio album by the British progressive rock band Renaissance, released in 1977. The album features a blend of symphonic rock, folk, and classical influences, with the band’s trademark vocal harmonies and complex arrangements. The title track is a 16-minute epic that tells the story of a young woman who travels through different historical periods in search of love and wisdom. The album also includes shorter songs such as “Can You Hear Me?”, “The Sisters”, and “Touching Once (Is So Hard to Keep)”, which showcase the band’s melodic and lyrical skills. Novella was well received by critics and fans, and reached number 46 on the UK Albums Chart and number 66 on the US Billboard 200.

Novella is considered to be one of Renaissance’s best albums. The album is notable for its epic sound, powerful performances, and Annie Haslam’s charismatic vocals. The album is often cited as the band’s breakthrough album.


    • It was produced by David Hentschel, who also worked with Genesis and Electric Light Orchestra.
    • The album features the classic line-up of Annie Haslam (vocals), Michael Dunford (acoustic guitar), John Tout (keyboards), Jon Camp (bass, vocals) and Terence Sullivan (drums).
    • The album cover was designed by Hipgnosis, based on a painting by Edgar Degas.

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