Now Is the Time – Alanis Morissette – 1992


Album Now Is the Time by Alanis Morissette
Album Now Is the Time by Alanis Morissette

Now Is the Time is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette, released in 1992. The album marked a departure from her previous pop-oriented sound, as Morissette experimented with more rock and alternative influences. The album features songs that deal with themes such as self-discovery, empowerment, spirituality, and relationships. The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Morissette’s vocals and lyrics, but criticized the production and lack of originality. The album was a moderate commercial success, reaching number 30 on the Canadian Albums Chart and selling over 100,000 copies in Canada. The album spawned four singles: “An Emotion Away”, “No Apologies”, “Real World”, and “When We Meet Again”. Now Is the Time is the last album Morissette released before signing with Maverick Records and releasing her international breakthrough album, Jagged Little Pill, in 1995.

Now Is the Time is a good introduction to her music for new listeners and a great addition to the collections of fans of her work.

The personnel of the album Now Is the Time by Alanis Morissette, released in 1992, are:

  • Alanis Morissette – vocals, songwriter
  • Leslie Howe – producer, engineer, mixing, songwriter
  • Serge Côté – songwriter
  • Dan Seguin – cover photography
  • Andrew LeBlanc – photography
  • Martin Solort – design
  • John Alexander – A&R direction

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