On The Road 1982 – Camel – 1994



Album On The Road 1982 by the band Camel
Album On The Road 1982 by the band Camel

“Camel On The Road 1982” is a live album by the British progressive rock band Camel, released in 1994. The album features recordings from Camel’s live performances during their 1982 tour in support of their studio album “The Single Factor.”

Camel is known for their intricate and melodic blend of progressive rock, folk, and jazz influences. Their live performances were praised for their musicianship and the way they recreated the complex and layered sound of their studio recordings on stage.

Some of the tracks featured on “Camel On The Road 1982” include:

1. “Never Let Go”
2. “Earthrise”
3. “Rhayader”
4. “Rhayader Goes to Town”
5. “Spirit of the Water”
6. “Lunar Sea”

The album captures the essence of Camel’s live shows during the 1982 tour, offering fans the opportunity to relive the band’s captivating performances from that era.

“Camel On The Road 1982” is a valuable addition to Camel’s discography for fans who appreciate their live performances and for those who want to experience the band’s music in a dynamic and engaging setting. The album serves as a testament to Camel’s musical prowess and their lasting impact on the progressive rock genre.

On The Road 1982 is considered to be a valuable document of Camel’s live performances. The album is a must-have for any fan of the band.


  • Andrew Latimer – guitars, vocals, flute
  • Colin Bass – bass, vocals
  • Kit Watkins – keyboards, flute
  • Paul Burgess – drums, percussion
  • David Paton – bass, vocals (tracks 1-5)
  • Chris Rainbow – vocals (tracks 1-5)
  • Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards (tracks 1-5)
  • Jan Schelhaas – keyboards (tracks 6-9)
  • Andy Ward – drums (tracks 6-9)

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