On the Road to Freedom – Alvin Lee – 1973


Album On the Road to Freedom by Alvin Lee
Album On the Road to Freedom by Alvin Lee

On the Road to Freedom is a 1973 album by Alvin Lee, the guitarist and vocalist of Ten Years After. It is a collaboration with gospel singer Mylon LeFevre, who co-wrote most of the songs and also contributed vocals and guitar. The album features guest appearances by George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Ron Wood and Mick Fleetwood. The album blends rock, blues, country and gospel influences, creating a unique sound that showcases Lee’s versatility and LeFevre’s soulful voice. The album was well received by critics and fans, and is considered one of Lee’s best solo works.

On the Road to Freedom is considered to be a minor work in Alvin Lee’s discography. It is not as well-regarded as his work with Ten Years After, but it is still worth checking out for fans of country rock and blues rock.


  • Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals, bass, harp, keyboards
  • Mylon LeFevre – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
  • George Harrison – guitar, vocals, bass, dobro, mandolin
  • Ron Wood – bass, guitar
  • Steve Winwood – piano, organ
  • Jim Capaldi – drums
  • Mick Fleetwood – drums
  • Rebop Kwaku Baah – congas
  • Ian Wallace – drums
  • Jim Horn – saxophone
  • Terry Cox – drums

The different versions published for this album :