One More YMO – Yellow Magic Orchestra – 2000



Album One More YMO by Yellow Magic Orchestra
Album One More YMO by Yellow Magic Orchestra

One More YMO is a tribute album to the legendary Japanese electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), released in 2000. The album features various artists covering some of the most popular songs by YMO, such as “Computer Game”, “Rydeen”, “Technopolis”, and “Behind the Mask”. The artists include both Japanese and international acts, such as Cornelius, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Pizzicato Five, Jim O’Rourke, Takkyu Ishino, and The Orb. The album also contains a new song by YMO themselves, titled “Rescue”, which was their first original recording since 1993. One More YMO is a homage to the influential and innovative group that pioneered electronic music in Japan and beyond, and showcases their lasting impact on various genres and styles.

One More YMO is a must-have for any fan of Yellow Magic Orchestra. It is a fitting conclusion to the group’s career and features some of their best music.


  • Haruomi Hosono – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Keyboards, Vocals
  • Yukihiro Takahashi – Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Hideki Matsutake – Programming
  • Kenji Ohmura – Guitar
  • Shinichi Tanaka – Guitar
  • Kazumi Watanabe – Guitar
  • Makoto Ayukawa – Guitar
  • Tatsuo Hayashi – Drums
  • Pecker – Percussion
  • Sandii – Vocals
  • Miharu Koshi – Vocals
  • Chika Ueda – Vocals
  • Akiko Yano – Vocals

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