One Night of Sin – Joe Cocker


One Night of Sin - Joe Cocker
One Night of Sin - Joe Cocker

“One Night of Sin” is the twelfth studio album by English rock and blues singer Joe Cocker, released in 1989. The album marked a return to a more rock-oriented sound for Cocker after a period of experimenting with different styles in the 1980s.

The album includes a mix of original songs and covers, showcasing Cocker’s soulful and raspy voice. One of the standout tracks from the album is the cover of the classic song “When the Night Comes,” which became a hit for Cocker. The album also includes covers of songs like “Unchain My Heart” and “I Stand in Wonder.”

“One Night of Sin” received generally positive reviews from critics and helped rejuvenate Cocker’s career at a time when he was reestablishing his presence in the music industry. The album’s title track, “One Night of Sin,” as well as its overall energetic and soulful sound, contributed to its appeal among fans of Cocker’s distinctive vocal style.

While not as commercially successful as some of Cocker’s earlier albums, “One Night of Sin” remains a notable release in his discography, reflecting his enduring ability to deliver powerful and emotive performances in the realm of rock and blues music.

One Night of Sin is considered to be one of Joe Cocker’s finest albums. The album is a must-have for any fan of Cocker’s music.


  • Joe Cocker – lead vocals
  • Phil Grande – guitar
  • Bryan Adams – guitar, backing vocals
  • Eddie Martinez – guitar
  • Jeff Pevar – guitar
  • Robbie Kilgore – keyboards
  • Jeff Bova – keyboards, synthesizer
  • Richard Tee – piano
  • T.M. Stevens – bass
  • Steve Holley – drums, percussion
  • Jimmy Bralower – drums, percussion
  • Bashiri Johnson – percussion
  • Diane Garisto – backing vocals
  • Curtis King Jr. – backing vocals
  • Tawatha Agee – backing vocals
  • Vaneese Thomas – backing vocals

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