Oowatanite – April Wine – 1990



Album Oowatanite by the band April Wine
Album Oowatanite by the band April Wine

Oowatanite is a compilation album by the Canadian rock band April Wine, released in 1990. It features 10 tracks from their previous albums, spanning from 1973 to 1981. The album showcases the band’s versatility and talent, as they play a mix of rock, hard rock, pop rock and blues styles. The album’s title track, “Oowatanite”, is a catchy and energetic song written by bassist Jim Clench, who also sings lead vocals on it. Other highlights include “Get Ready for Love”, a powerful and melodic rocker, “Just Like That”, a funky and groovy tune, and “Roller”, a classic hit that showcases Myles Goodwyn’s vocals and guitar skills. Oowatanite is a great introduction to April Wine’s music, as well as a reminder of their legacy and influence in the Canadian rock scene.

Oowatanite is considered to be one of April Wine’s weakest albums. It is a disappointing end to the band’s career, but it is still a solid collection of rock songs.


  • Myles Goodwyn – guitars, keyboards, lead vocals
  • Jim Clench – bass, lead vocals
  • Steve Lang – bass, background vocals
  • Gary Moffet – guitar, slide guitar, background vocals
  • Brian Greenway – guitar, slide guitar, vocals
  • Jerry Mercer – drums & percussion, background vocals

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