Pieces of Eight: Live – Styx – 2012



Album Pieces of Eight - Live by the band Styx
Album Pieces of Eight - Live by the band Styx

This album is a live recording of Styx’s 1978 classic album Pieces of Eight, performed in its entirety at the historic Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee, in November 2010. The album captures the energy and excitement of Styx’s live shows, as they revisit one of their most successful and beloved albums. The album features some of Styx’s biggest hits, such as “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)”, “Renegade”, and “Sing for the Day”, as well as deeper cuts like “Queen of Spades” and “Aku-Aku”. The album also includes a bonus track, “Rockin’ the Paradise”, from Styx’s 1981 album Paradise Theater. The album showcases Styx’s musical versatility, as they blend hard rock, progressive rock, pop rock, and ballads. The album also demonstrates Styx’s vocal harmonies, guitar solos, keyboard work, and drumming. The album is a must-have for any Styx fan, as well as anyone who appreciates classic rock performed with passion and skill.

Pieces of Eight: Live is a must-have album for any fan of Styx. It is a classic album from one of the most popular rock bands of the 1970s and 1980s.


The personnel of the album Pieces of Eight: Live – Styx – 2012 are:

  • James J.Y. Young – vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Tommy Shaw – vocals, guitars
  • Todd Sucherman – drums, percussion
  • Lawrence Gowan – vocals, keyboards
  • Ricky Phillips – bass, backing vocals, electric guitar
  • Chuck Panozzo – bass guitar

Source: Styx – The Grand Illusion – Pieces of Eight Live (2012)

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