Piledriver – Status Quo – 1972


Album Piledriver by the band Status Quo
Album Piledriver by the band Status Quo

“Piledriver” is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Status Quo, released in 1972. Status Quo is known for their boogie rock sound and their long-lasting career in the rock music scene.

“Piledriver” continues to showcase Status Quo’s energetic and bluesy rock style. The album features a mix of original tracks and covers, highlighting their guitar-driven sound and catchy melodies.

Some of the tracks on the “Piledriver” album include:

1. “Don’t Waste My Time”
2. “Big Fat Mama”
3. “Paper Plane”
4. “Oh Baby”
5. “Unspoken Words”

The album was well-received by both fans and critics, and it solidified Status Quo’s status as a rock band that could deliver straightforward and infectious rock and roll.

Piledriver” remains a beloved part of Status Quo’s discography and continues to be appreciated by fans of classic rock and boogie rock.


  • Francis Rossi – lead guitar, vocals
  • Rick Parfitt – rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Alan Lancaster – bass, vocals
  • John Coghlan – drums
  • Bob Young – harmonica on “Roadhouse Blues”

The different versions published for this album :