Plastic People – Birth Control – 1975


Album Plastic People by the band Birth Control
Album Plastic People by the band Birth Control

Plastic People is the sixth studio album by the German progressive rock band Birth Control, released in 1975. The album marked a departure from the band’s previous hard rock sound, incorporating elements of funk, jazz and electronic music. The album also featured guest musicians such as Peter Herbolzheimer, Volker Kriegel and Curt Cress. The album’s title and cover art were inspired by Frank Zappa’s 1967 album We’re Only in It for the Money, which satirized the hippie culture and the commercialization of music. Plastic People received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the band’s musical experimentation but criticized the lack of coherence and direction. The album was a commercial failure, failing to chart in any country. The band later returned to their original style with their next album, Backdoor Possibilities.

Plastic People is considered to be one of the most important albums of German rock. It helped to establish Birth Control as one of the leading bands of the scene, and it inspired countless other bands to adopt their chaotic and confrontational sound. The album is still highly regarded by fans and critics today.

The personnel of the album Plastic People by Birth Control, released in 1975, are as follows:

  • Bernd Noske – drums, percussion, effects, vocals
  • Bruno Frenzel – guitars, backing vocals
  • Peter Föller – bass guitar, vocals
  • Zeus B. Held – keyboards, backing vocals, tenor saxophone, trumpet

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