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Album Poison by Alice Cooper
Album Poison by Alice Cooper

Released in 1989, Alice Cooper‘s “Poison” marked a significant comeback for the legendary rock icon, catapulting him back into the mainstream spotlight and cementing his status as a true rock and roll survivor. While the album may not quite hold up to the groundbreaking brilliance of Cooper’s early works like “Love It to Death” or “Killer,” “Poison” remains a solid and entertaining entry in his discography, offering a dose of catchy hard rock and a few standout moments that showcase Cooper’s enduring talent.

The album’s title track, “Poison,” is a quintessential Alice Cooper anthem, a hard-hitting, synth-infused rocker with a memorable chorus that has rightfully become one of the band’s signature songs. The upbeat tempo and infectious hooks make it an instant crowd-pleaser, and Cooper’s signature theatrical vocals add a touch of theatrics to the mix.

Other highlights on the album include the driving rocker “House of Fire,” the haunting ballad “Stolen Prayer” featuring Chris Cornell, and the duet with Steven Tyler on the power ballad “Only My Heart Talkin’.” These tracks showcase Cooper’s versatility as a songwriter and vocalist, demonstrating his ability to craft catchy melodies and emotive lyrics.

However, the album is not without its flaws. Some of the songs, such as “Hey Stoopid” and “This Maniac’s in Love with You,” feel a bit too derivative of the pop-metal trends of the time, and they lack the originality and edge that defined Cooper’s earlier work. Additionally, the album’s production, while polished, can be a bit too slick and overproduced, sometimes overshadowing the raw power of Cooper’s music.

Poison” is a solid album that marked a successful comeback for Alice Cooper in the late 1980s. While it may not be the most groundbreaking or innovative of his albums, it offers a fun and entertaining listen, filled with catchy hooks, memorable songs, and Cooper’s signature theatricality. If you’re a fan of hard rock and pop-metal from the 1980s, “Poison” is certainly worth checking out.

The personnel of the album Poison by Alice Cooper are:

  • Alice Cooper – vocals
  • John McCurry – guitar
  • Hugh McDonald – bass, backing vocals
  • Bobby Chouinard – drums
  • Alan St. John – keyboards

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