Portishead – Portishead – 1997


Album Portishead by Portishead
Album Portishead by Portishead

Portishead is the second studio album by the English trip-hop band Portishead, released on 16 September 1997 by Go! Discs.

The album cover is a still image from the music video of the song “All Mine”. Unlike their debut album Dummy, which relied heavily on samples from other records, Portishead created original pieces for this album, resulting in a more textured and experimental sound. The only song that uses samples is “Only You”, which incorporates elements of Ken Thorne’s “Inspector Clouseau” and The Pharcyde’s “She Said”.

The album received critical acclaim and reached No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart and No. 21 on the Billboard 200. It also won a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package in 1998. Portishead – Portishead 1997 showcases the band’s dark, atmospheric and cinematic style, blending elements of jazz, rock, electronic and hip-hop music. The album features Beth Gibbons’ haunting vocals, Adrian Utley’s guitar and bass, Geoff Barrow’s production and Dave McDonald’s engineering. Some of the songs on the album are “Cowboys”, “Undenied”, “Half Day Closing”, “Humming”, “Mourning Air”, “Seven Months”, “Elysium” and “Western Eyes”. The album is considered a classic of the trip-hop genre and one of the most influential albums of the 1990s.

Portishead is an essential album for any fan of trip hop, electronica, or jazz. It is a groundbreaking and influential album that helped to define the sound of trip hop.

The personnel who play in the album Portishead – 1997 are:

  • Beth Gibbons – vocals
  • Adrian Utley – guitar, bass, synthesizer, Rhodes piano, piano
  • Geoff Barrow – drums, producer
  • Dave McDonald – engineer, producer
  • Clive Deamer – drums
  • Nick Ingman – conductor (strings)

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