Precious Remixes – Depeche Mode – 2005



Album Precious Remixes by the band Depeche Mode
Album Precious Remixes by the band Depeche Mode

This album is a collection of remixes of the song Precious by Depeche Mode, originally released in 2005 as the lead single from their album Playing The Angel. The song is a melancholic and emotional ballad about the breakup of lead singer Dave Gahan’s marriage and the impact on his children. The remixes on this album add different flavors and styles to the original track, ranging from house, electro, synth-pop, and ambient. Some of the notable remixers include Sasha, DJ Dan, Calderone & Quayle, and Maxiblues. The album showcases the versatility and creativity of Depeche Mode and their collaborators, as well as the timeless appeal of their music.

Precious Remixes is an essential album for any fan of Depeche Mode or electronic music. It is a great showcase of the band’s music and the different ways that it can be interpreted and remixed.


  • Dave Gahan – lead vocals
  • Martin Gore – keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Precious (Misc. Full Vocal Mix)”
  • Andrew Fletcher – keyboards
  • Ben Hillier – production
  • Steve Fitzmaurice – mixing
  • Various artists – remixing

The different versions published for this album :