Quadrophenia – The Who – 1973


Album Quadrophenia by The Who
Album Quadrophenia by The Who

Quadrophenia is a double album by the English rock band The Who, released in 1973.

It is the third rock opera by the group, following Tommy and A Quick One, While He’s Away. The album tells the story of Jimmy, a young mod in London and Brighton in 1965, who struggles with his identity, his family, his friends and his love for the Who.

The album was composed entirely by Pete Townshend, who used multi-track synthesizers, sound effects and horn arrangements to create a rich and complex musical landscape. The album was a critical and commercial success, reaching number 2 in both the UK and the US charts. The album also inspired a film adaptation in 1979, directed by Franc Roddam and starring Phil Daniels as Jimmy.

Quadrophenia is a must-listen for any fan of rock music or anyone who has ever struggled with the challenges of adolescence. It is an album that demands attention and rewards repeated listens, offering a deeper understanding of the human condition and the enduring power of rock and roll.

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Personnel of the album Quadrophenia – The Who – 1973 :

  • The Who:
    • Roger Daltrey – lead vocals
    • Pete Townshend – guitars, backing vocals, synthesizer, piano, banjo, sound effects, co-producer
    • John Entwistle – bass guitar, backing vocals, horns
    • Keith Moon – drums, percussion
  • Additional musicians:
    • Chris Stainton – piano on \”The Dirty Jobs\”, \”5:15\”, \”Drowned\” and \”The Rock\”
  • Production:
    • Glyn Johns – co-producer, engineer
    • Ethan A. Russell – photography

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