Radio Heart – Gary Numan – 1999


Album Radio Heart by Gary Numan
Album Radio Heart by Gary Numan

Radio Heart is the 13th studio album by British musician Gary Numan, released in 1999. The album is a collaboration with the band Radio Heart, who composed the music and produced the tracks. Numan only contributed vocals and lyrics. The album is a departure from Numan’s usual style, featuring a more pop-oriented sound and catchy melodies. The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Numan’s vocals but criticized the lack of originality and coherence in the music. The album spawned two singles, “Radio Heart” and “London Times”, which reached number 35 and number 48 on the UK Singles Chart, respectively. The album itself peaked at number 46 on the UK Albums Chart, making it Numan’s lowest-charting album at the time.

Radio Heart is considered to be a comeback album for Gary Numan. It showed that he was still relevant and capable of making innovative electronic music. The album has been praised for its songwriting, production, and performances. Radio Heart is worth checking out for fans of Gary Numan and electronic music.


– Gary Numan: vocals on three tracks (“Radio Heart”, “All Across the Nation” and “London Times”)
– Hugh Nicholson: vocals on the rest of the tracks, producer and writer of most of the songs
– David Nicholson: producer and writer of one song (“I’m Alone”)
– Elton John: piano, keyboards and backing vocals on two tracks (“Strange Thing” and “The Victim”)
– Ray Cooper: percussion on three tracks (“Strange Thing”, “I’m Alone” and “The Victim”)
– Ade Orange: keyboards on one track (“Radio Heart”)

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