Red Octopus – Jefferson Starship – 1975


Album Red Octopus by Jefferson Starship
Album Red Octopus by Jefferson Starship

Red Octopus is the second album by Jefferson Starship, released in 1975. It is the first album to feature the classic lineup of Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Craig Chaquico, Pete Sears, David Freiberg and John Barbata. The album was a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard 200 chart and spawning the hit single “Miracles”, which peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. The album also contains several other songs that became fan favorites, such as “Play on Love”, “Fast Buck Freddie”, “Sweeter Than Honey” and “There Will Be Love”. Red Octopus showcases the diverse musical styles and influences of Jefferson Starship, ranging from rock, pop, folk, blues, soul and psychedelic. The album is considered by many critics and fans to be one of the best albums by Jefferson Starship and one of the finest examples of 1970s soft rock.

Red Octopus is considered to be one of Jefferson Starship’s most important albums. It marked a turning point in their career, as they moved away from the psychedelic sound of their early albums and embraced a more commercial and pop-oriented approach. The album was also a commercial success, helping to introduce Jefferson Starship to a new generation of fans.


  • Grace Slick – vocals, piano
  • Marty Balin – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Paul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Craig Chaquico – lead guitar
  • Pete Sears – bass, keyboards, accordion
  • David Freiberg – vocals, keyboards, bass
  • John Barbata – drums, percussion

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