Reflection – Golden Earring – 1969



Album Reflection by the band Golden Earring
Album Reflection by the band Golden Earring

Reflection is an album by the Dutch rock band Golden Earring, released in 1969. It was the first album released under their shortened name, as they were previously known as Golden Earrings. The album contains 14 tracks, ranging from psychedelic rock to pop rock and ballads. Some of the songs, such as “Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart” and “I’ve Just Lost Somebody”, became hits in their home country and abroad. The album was only available through mail order from a book club called Boek En Plaat, and it was not widely distributed. The album cover features a photo of the band members reflected in a mirror.

Reflection was a commercial success in the Netherlands, reaching number 1 on the Dutch Albums Chart. It also received critical acclaim, with many reviewers praising the band’s new, more mature sound.

The personnel of the album Reflection by Golden Earring, released in 1969, are:

  • Barry Hay – flute, rhythm guitar, vocals; lead vocals on tracks 1, 2, and 4
  • George Kooymans – lead guitar, vocals; lead vocals on tracks 3 and 5
  • Rinus Gerritsen – bass, organ, piano
  • Sieb Warner – drums, percussion

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