Remember Woodstock – Canned Heat



Canned Heat
Canned Heat

Canned Heat is a legendary blues-rock band that performed at the iconic Woodstock festival in 1969. In 2019, they released a compilation album titled Remember Woodstock, featuring live and studio recordings from different eras of their career. The album showcases their signature blend of boogie, slide guitar, and harmonica, as well as their tribute to the historic event that marked a generation. The album includes classics such as “I’m Her Man”, “Goin’ Up The Country”, “On The Road Again”, and “Let’s Work Together”, as well as rare tracks like “Remember Woodstock” and “Shake ‘N Boogie”. Remember Woodstock is a must-have for fans of Canned Heat and anyone who wants to relive the spirit of the 60s.

The different versions published for this album :