Revelations – Killing Joke – 1982


Album Revelations by the band Killing Joke
Album Revelations by the band Killing Joke

Revelations is the second studio album by British post-punk band Killing Joke, released in 1982 by E.G. Records. It was recorded in Cologne, Germany, with renowned producer Conny Plank, who introduced the band to new sounds and techniques. The album features a more experimental and diverse sound than their previous albums, incorporating elements of dub, funk, synth-pop and world music. The album also reflects the band’s political and spiritual views, with lyrics dealing with topics such as nuclear war, social injustice, religious fanaticism and personal transformation. The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its originality and innovation, but also criticized its lack of coherence and direction. The album reached number 12 on the UK Albums Chart and spawned two singles: “Empire Song” and “Chop-Chop”.

Revelations is considered to be one of the most influential albums in post-punk and industrial music. It has been praised for its innovative sound, its dark and apocalyptic lyrics, and its impact on the development of the genres. The album is still highly regarded by fans and critics today.

The personnel of the album Revelations by Killing Joke, released in 1982, are:

  • Jaz Coleman – vocals, synthesizer
  • Kevin “Geordie” Walker – guitar
  • Martin “Youth” Glover – bass guitar
  • Paul Ferguson – drums, vocals
  • Conny Plank – recording engineer, mixing, production

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