Scene Beyond Dreams – The Call – 1984


Album Scene Beyond Dreams by The Call
Album Scene Beyond Dreams by The Call

Scene Beyond Dreams is the debut album by the American rock band The Call, released in 1984. The album showcases the band’s distinctive blend of post-punk, new wave, and alternative rock, with influences from folk, gospel, and soul. The album features the band’s signature song, “The Walls Came Down”, which became a hit on college radio and MTV. The song is a powerful statement against war and oppression, with lyrics such as “I don’t think there are any Russians / And there ain’t no Yanks / Just corporate criminals / Playing with tanks”. The album also contains other standout tracks, such as “Scene Beyond Dreams”, a haunting ballad about the search for meaning and transcendence, and “Turn a Blind Eye”, a catchy rocker with a social conscience. The album received critical acclaim for its originality, passion, and musicality, and established The Call as one of the most promising bands of the 1980s.

Scene Beyond Dreams is considered one of The Call’s best albums. It is a solid album that shows off their new wave potential and features some of their most famous songs, such as “The Sound of Turning Away” and “Everywhere I Go.”

The personnel of the album Scene Beyond Dreams by the American rock band The Call, released in 1984, are:

  • Michael Been – guitar, bass, synthesizer, lead vocals, producer
  • Tom Ferrier – guitar, vocals
  • Jim Goodwin – keyboards
  • Scott Musick – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Dave Jerden – engineer
  • Carolyn Collins – assistant engineer
  • Moshe Brakha – photography

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