Short Back n’ Sides – Ian Hunter – 1981


Album Short Back n’ Sides by Ian Hunter
Album Short Back n’ Sides by Ian Hunter

Short Back n’ Sides is the fifth solo album by British singer-songwriter Ian Hunter, released in 1981. The album marked a departure from Hunter’s previous rock-oriented sound, as he experimented with new wave and reggae influences.

The album was produced by Mick Jones of The Clash, who also played guitar on some tracks. The album features guest appearances by members of The Clash, The Blockheads, and Ellen Foley. The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Hunter’s lyrics and vocals, but criticized the production and the musical direction.

The album spawned two singles, “Central Park n’ West” and “All of the Good Ones Are Taken”, which reached number 28 and number 14 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart respectively. The album peaked at number 51 on the Billboard 200 chart and number 35 on the UK Albums Chart.

Short Back n’ Sides is considered to be one of Hunter’s best albums. It is praised for its catchy melodies, Hunter’s soulful vocals, and its production. The album is still highly regarded by fans and critics today.

The personnel of the album Short Back n’ Sides by Ian Hunter, released in 1981, are as follows:

  • Ian Hunter – lead vocals, guitars, piano
  • Mick Ronson – lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Tommy Mandel – keyboards
  • Tommy Morrongiello – bass, vocals
  • Martin Briley – bass
  • Eric Parker – drums
  • George Meyer – keyboards, vocals
  • Mick Jones – guitars, vocals
  • Topper Headon – drums, percussion
  • Tymon Dogg – violin
  • Ellen Foley – vocals
  • Miller Anderson – vocals
  • Mick Baraken – guitar on “Gun Control”
  • Wells Kelly – drums on “Gun Control”
  • John Holbrook – bass on “Gun Control”
  • Gary Windo – alto saxophone on “I Need Your Love”
  • Roger Powell – backing vocals on “I Need Your Love”
  • Todd Rundgren – bass, backing vocals on “I Need Your Love”

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