Singing Through – John Cage – 1990


Album Singing Through by John Cage
Album Singing Through by John Cage

Singing Through is an album by American composer John Cage, released in 1990 by the label New Albion. The album features Cage’s vocal works, performed by various singers and musicians, including Joan La Barbara, Robert Ashley, and Paul Hillier. The album includes pieces such as Aria, Song Books, and Ryoanji, which explore Cage’s use of chance operations, indeterminacy, and graphic notation. The album also contains Cage’s own voice, reading excerpts from his writings and lectures. Singing Through is a unique and experimental collection of Cage’s vocal music, showcasing his innovative and influential approach to sound and silence.

Singing Through is an essential album for any fan of John Cage’s music, and it is a must-listen for anyone interested in the history of avant-garde music.


  • Joan La Barbara: voice, percussion
  • William Winant: piano (closed), percussion
  • Scott Evans: cymbal (suspended)
  • Leonard Stein: piano (Satie cabaret songs)
  • John Cage: artwork (cover image), composer
  • Todd Reamon: design
  • Tom Lazarus: engineer, executive-producer
  • Jim Wood: photography
  • Foster Reed: producer

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