Slaves And Masters – Deep Purple – 1990


Album Slaves And Masters by the band Deep Purple
Album Slaves And Masters by the band Deep Purple

Slaves and Masters is a hard rock album by the British band Deep Purple, released in October 1990. It is the only album by the Mark V lineup of the band, featuring Joe Lynn Turner as the lead singer instead of Ian Gillan, who was fired the previous year.

The album was produced by Roger Glover and recorded in various studios in Florida, Connecticut and New York City. The album received mixed reviews from critics and fans, who felt that it sounded more like a Rainbow album than a Deep Purple album. Some of the songs from the album were originally intended for Turner’s solo project or for his previous band with Ritchie Blackmore.

The album sold poorly in the US, but performed better in Europe, where the band toured extensively in 1991. The tour included some songs from Slaves and Masters, as well as classics from previous eras of Deep Purple. Turner was still in the band when they started working on their next album in 1992, but he was eventually replaced by Gillan again for the 25th anniversary reunion of the Mark II lineup.

Slaves and Masters is considered to be one of Deep Purple’s most underrated albums. It is praised for its heavy sound, its songwriting, and the performances of Turner, Blackmore, Glover, Paice, and Lord. The album is still highly regarded by fans and critics today.


The personnel of the album Slaves And Masters by Deep Purple, released in 1990, are:

  • Joe Lynn Turner – lead vocals
  • Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
  • Roger Glover – bass, producer
  • Jon Lord – keyboards
  • Ian Paice – drums

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