Sonic Attack – Hawkwind – 1981


Album Sonic Attack by Hawkwind
Album Sonic Attack by Hawkwind

“Sonic Attack” is the eleventh studio album by the British space rock band Hawkwind. It was released in 1981 and features a collection of tracks that showcase the band’s trademark psychedelic and spacey sound.

The album includes songs such as “Sonic Attack,” “Rocky Paths,” “Virgin of the World,” and “The Golden Void,” among others. “Sonic Attack” combines elements of rock, space rock, and progressive rock, creating an otherworldly and atmospheric musical experience.

The album’s concept revolves around the idea of a fictional “Sonic Attack Warning” that warns listeners of the dangers of modern society and the need for unity and awareness. It includes spoken-word interludes by science fiction author Michael Moorcock.

“Sonic Attack” captures the experimental and adventurous spirit of Hawkwind’s music, with its sprawling compositions, trippy synthesizers, and heavy guitar riffs. The album received mixed reviews upon its release but has since become a fan favorite and is considered a notable addition to Hawkwind’s discography.

Sonic Attack” is an intriguing and immersive sonic journey that showcases Hawkwind’s unique blend of spacey psychedelia and rock music. It remains a significant release in the band’s catalog and a must-listen for fans of the genre.

The personnel of the album Sonic Attack by Hawkwind, released in 1981, are as follows:

  • Dave Brock – electric guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Huw Lloyd-Langton – electric guitar, vocals
  • Harvey Bainbridge – bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Martin Griffin – drums
  • Michael Moorcock – vocals on “Sonic Attack”
  • Nik Turner – saxophone on “Living on a Knife Edge”

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