Street Machine – Sammy Hagar – 1979


Abum Street Machine by Sammy Hagar
Abum Street Machine by Sammy Hagar

Street Machine is a hard rock album by Sammy Hagar, released in 1979 by Capitol Records. The album features 10 songs, including “Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)”, “This Planet’s on Fire (Burn in Hell)” and “Falling in Love”. The album showcases Hagar’s powerful vocals and guitar skills, as well as his songwriting abilities. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, and reached number 71 on the Billboard 200 chart. Street Machine is considered one of Hagar’s best solo albums, and a classic of the late 1970s rock scene.

Street Machine is a solid album of pop-rock with a few catchy tunes. It is a testament to Hagar’s ability to adapt his sound to the times and his enduring popularity.


  • Sammy Hagar – lead vocals, guitar
  • Gary Pihl – guitar, backing vocals
  • Bill Church – bass, backing vocals
  • Chuck Ruff – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Geoff Workman – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Tower of Power – horns on “Straight to the Top”

The different versions published for this album :