Strikes – Blackfoot – 1979


Album Strikes by the band Blackfoot
Album Strikes by the band Blackfoot

“Strikes” is the third studio album by the American Southern rock band Blackfoot, released in 1979. It is considered one of the band’s most successful and critically acclaimed albums.

“Strikes” showcases Blackfoot’s blend of hard rock, Southern rock, and blues influences. The album features high-energy performances, memorable guitar riffs, and powerful vocals. Some of the standout tracks on the album include “Train, Train,” “Highway Song,” “I Got a Line on You,” and “Good Morning.”

“Strikes” helped establish Blackfoot as a prominent force in the Southern rock scene. It received positive reviews from critics and achieved commercial success, reaching the Billboard 200 chart and producing several charting singles.

The album’s signature track, “Train, Train,” remains one of Blackfoot’s most recognized songs and has become a classic in the Southern rock genre.

If you are a fan of Southern rock or interested in exploring Blackfoot’s music, “Strikes” is an essential album to check out. It captures the band’s sound and energy during a significant period in their career.

Strikes is a classic album that showcases Blackfoot’s incredible talent and versatility. It is a must-have for any fan of Southern rock music.



  • Rickey Medlocke – lead vocals, guitar
  • Charlie Hargrett – guitar
  • Greg T. Walker – bass, backing vocals
  • Jakson Spires – drums, backing vocals
  • Pat McCaffrey – keyboards
  • Shorty Medlocke – harmonica (track 8 – prelude)
  • Michael “Cub” Koda – harmonica (track 8)
  • Donna D. Davis – backing vocals
  • Pamela T. Vincent – backing vocals
  • Cynthia M. Douglas – backing vocals
  • Henry “H-Bomb” Weck – percussion, recording engineer, producer
  • Al Nalli – producer

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