Sweet Lullaby Remixed – Deep Forest – 2007



Album Sweet Lullaby Remixed by Deep Forest
Album Sweet Lullaby Remixed by Deep Forest

Sweet Lullaby Remixed is a compilation album by the French musical group Deep Forest, released in 1994. The album features remixes of the song “Sweet Lullaby”, which was originally included on their debut album Deep Forest (1992). The song is based on a traditional Baegu lullaby from the Solomon Islands called “Rorogwela”, and uses a sample of a young girl named Afunakwa singing. The remixes on the album vary in style and genre, ranging from ambient, techno, house, drum and bass, and world music. Some of the remixes also incorporate samples from other songs or ethnic music, such as “Sweet Lullaby (Q-Bass Mix)”, which uses a sample of a pygmy chant from Cameroon. The album was well received by critics and fans, who praised the diversity and creativity of the remixes. The album also helped to expand the popularity and exposure of Deep Forest in the international music scene.

Sweet Lullaby Remixed is considered to be a classic album of ambient music. It is a essential purchase for any fan of Deep Forest or ambient music in general.

The personnel of the album Sweet Lullaby Remixed by Deep Forest, released in 2007, are:

  • Eric Mouquet – arrangement, keyboards, and programming
  • Michel Sanchez – arrangement, keyboards, and programming
  • Afunakwa – vocals on “Sweet Lullaby”
  • Various remixers – see track listing

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