Taken By Force / Tokyo Tapes – Scorpions – 2001



  1. “Taken By Force” (1977): “Taken By Force” is the fifth studio album by the Scorpions, released in 1977. It features a mix of hard rock and heavy metal tracks, including the popular songs “Steamrock Fever” and “We’ll Burn the Sky.” The album showcases the band’s powerful guitar-driven sound and Klaus Meine’s distinctive vocals.
  2. “Tokyo Tapes” (1978): “Tokyo Tapes” is a live album by the Scorpions, recorded during their concerts at the Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, Japan, in April 1978. It is widely regarded as one of the best live albums in the band’s discography. The album features energetic performances of songs from their earlier albums, including tracks like “Pictured Life,” “In Trance,” and “Robot Man.”

The different versions published for this album :