Thanks For The Dance – Leonard Cohen – 2019


Album Thanks For The Dance by Leonard Cohen
Album Thanks For The Dance by Leonard Cohen

Thanks for the Dance is the final album by the legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, who passed away in November 2016. The album was released posthumously in November 2019, and it features nine songs that Cohen had recorded during the sessions for his previous album, You Want It Darker. The songs were completed by Cohen’s son, Adam Cohen, who also produced the album and invited various musicians and singers to contribute to the project. Some of the collaborators include Daniel Lanois, Beck, Jennifer Warnes, Damien Rice and Leslie Feist.

The album is a poignant farewell from Cohen, who reflects on his life, love, spirituality and mortality with his characteristic wit, wisdom and grace. The title track, “Thanks for the Dance”, is a beautiful ballad that Cohen had originally written for Anjani’s 2007 album Blue Alert. The song expresses Cohen’s gratitude for the dance of life, even as he acknowledges its inevitable end. Another highlight is “The Night of Santiago”, which is based on a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca about an adulterous affair. Cohen recites the poem with passion and intensity, while Adam Cohen provides a haunting musical backdrop.

Thanks for the Dance is a fitting tribute to one of the most influential and beloved artists of our time. It is a testament to Cohen’s enduring legacy and his gift for touching the hearts and souls of his listeners. As he sings in the final track, “Listen to the Hummingbird”: “Don’t listen to me / Listen to the hummingbird / Whose wings you cannot see / Listen to the hummingbird / Don’t listen to me”.

Thanks for the Dance is a masterpiece that cements Leonard Cohen’s legacy as one of the greatest poets and songwriters of our time. It is a powerful and moving final statement from an artist who was not afraid to confront death and darkness.

The personnel of the album Thanks For The Dance by Leonard Cohen, released in 2019, are as follows:

  • Leonard Cohen – vocals, lyrics
  • Adam Cohen – production, music, guitar, vocals
  • Michael Chaves – engineering, mixing, bass, keyboards
  • Daniel Lanois – guitar
  • Javier Mas – guitar
  • Patrick Leonard – music, piano
  • Brock Babcock – engineering
  • Beck – guitar, Jew’s harp
  • Leslie Feist – vocals
  • Damien Rice – vocals
  • Bryce Dessner – guitar
  • Richard Reed Parry – bass, double bass
  • Dustin O’Halloran – piano
  • Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue Choir – vocals
  • Cantus Domus Choir – vocals
  • Berlin Strings – strings
  • Christopher Bowers-Broadbent – organ
  • Zac Rae – celesta, guitar, keyboards
  • Jennifer Warnes – vocals
  • Sharon Robinson – vocals

Source: Wikipedia.

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