The Alchemist’s Euphoria – Kasabian


The Alchemist’s Euphoria is the seventh studio album by English rock band Kasabian, released in 2021. The album marks a new era for the band, as it is their first without former lead vocalist Tom Meighan, who left the group in 2020. Sergio Pizzorno, the guitarist and main songwriter, takes over as the sole lead singer, while Tim Carter joins as a full-time member on guitar and keyboards. The album also features guest appearances from Noel Gallagher, FKA twigs and Beck.

The album title and concept are inspired by Pizzorno’s fascination with alchemy, the medieval practice of transforming base metals into gold. He explained: “I wanted to make an album that was like a musical journey, where you start with something raw and simple and end up with something refined and complex. It’s like turning lead into gold, or finding euphoria in chaos.” The album explores themes of transformation, rebirth, identity and escapism, blending rock, electronica, psychedelia and hip-hop influences.

The album received critical acclaim upon its release, with many critics praising Pizzorno’s vocals, lyrics and production, as well as the band’s musical evolution and experimentation. The album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, becoming Kasabian’s sixth consecutive number-one album in their home country. It also charted well in several other countries, including Australia, France, Germany and Japan. The album spawned four singles: “You’re in Love with a Psycho”, “Bless This Acid House”, “Ill Ray (The King)” and “Are You Looking for Action?”. The band supported the album with a world tour in 2021 and 2022, playing at several festivals and arenas.

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