The Anthology (1967–1971) – Ten Years After



Album The Anthology (1967–1971) by Ten Years After
Album The Anthology (1967–1971) by Ten Years After

The Anthology (1967–1971) is a compilation album by the British blues rock band Ten Years After, released in 2002. It contains songs from their first seven albums, including their hit singles “I’m Going Home”, “Love Like a Man” and “I’d Love to Change the World”. The album also features some rare and previously unreleased tracks, such as “Portable People”, “The Sounds” and “Woodchoppers Ball”. The Anthology (1967–1971) showcases the band’s diverse musical influences, ranging from blues, jazz, rock and roll, to psychedelic and hard rock. The album is a comprehensive overview of Ten Years After’s career during their most creative and successful period.

The Anthology is considered to be one of the essential Ten Years After releases. It is a great introduction to the band’s music for new fans and a must-have for old fans alike.


The personnel of the album The Anthology (1967–1971) by Ten Years After are:

  • Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals, harp
  • Leo Lyons – bass
  • Ric Lee – drums
  • Chick Churchill – organ, piano

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