The Complete John Peel Sessions – Gary Numan – 2007



Album The Complete John Peel Sessions by Gary Numan
Album The Complete John Peel Sessions by Gary Numan

The Complete John Peel Sessions album is a collection of all the recordings that Gary Numan made for the legendary BBC radio show hosted by John Peel between 1979 and 1983.

It features 25 tracks, including rare and unreleased versions of some of his classic songs, such as “Cars”, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” and “Down in the Park”. The album showcases Numan’s evolution as an artist, from his early synth-pop days to his more experimental and dark phase in the early 80s. The album also captures the raw energy and creativity of his live performances, as well as his interaction with Peel, who was one of his biggest supporters and admirers. The album is a must-have for any fan of Gary Numan, or anyone interested in the history of electronic music and its influence on modern culture.

The Complete John Peel Sessions” is a valuable collection for Gary Numan fans, offering a glimpse into his creative journey and raw performance energy. While not perfect, it’s a worthwhile listen for those seeking a deeper understanding of his music and its evolution.

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  • Personnel (tracks 1–3)
    • Gary Numan – vocals, keyboards, guitar
    • Paul Gardiner – bass
    • Jess Lidyard – drums
  • Personnel (tracks 4–7)
    • Gary Numan – vocals
    • Chris Payne – keyboards
    • Billy Currie – keyboards
    • Paul Gardiner – bass
    • Cedric Sharpley – drums
  • Personnel (tracks 8–16)
    • Gary Numan – vocals
    • Steve Harris – guitar
    • Richard Beasley – drums
    • David Brooks – bass, keyboards
    • Ade Orange – keyboards

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