The Hero and the Madman – Thin Lizzy



The Hero and the Madman is a compilation album by the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy, released in 2002 by Spectrum Music. The album features 18 tracks from the band’s early years, spanning from their self-titled debut album in 1971 to their fourth album, Vagabonds of the Western World, in 1973. The album showcases the band’s diverse musical influences, ranging from folk, blues, hard rock, and psychedelic rock. The album also includes some of the band’s rare and obscure songs, such as “Randolph’s Tango”, “Diddy Levine”, and “The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle”. The album’s title track, “The Hero and the Madman”, is a seven-minute epic that tells the story of a visionary poet and a mad scientist who try to create a new world order. The album’s liner notes were written by Daryl Easlea, of Record Collector magazine, who praised the band’s creativity and originality.

The different versions published for this album :