The Sound And The Fury: 30Th Anniversary Edition – The Alarm – 2011


Album The Sound And The Fury by The Alarm
Album The Sound And The Fury by The Alarm

“The Sound and the Fury: 30th Anniversary Edition” is a special release by the Welsh rock band The Alarm, commemorating the 30th anniversary of their album “The Sound and the Fury.” The Alarm is known for their anthemic and socially conscious rock music.

Released in 2011, this edition likely includes remastered versions of the original album tracks along with additional bonus material. It’s common for anniversary editions to feature extra content such as live recordings, demos, alternate versions of songs, and other bonus tracks.

“The Sound and the Fury” originally came out in 1981 as an extended play (EP) and was a precursor to the band’s debut album “Declaration.” It showcased The Alarm’s energetic and passionate sound and laid the groundwork for their future releases.

If you’re a fan of The Alarm and their music, this anniversary edition would likely offer an enhanced listening experience and a chance to explore additional material related to “The Sound and the Fury.” For specific details about the content included in this edition, I recommend checking official band sources, music retailers, or discography databases.

The Sound And The Fury: 30Th Anniversary Edition is a great way to experience The Alarm’s early work. It is a well-chosen and well-compiled collection of the band’s biggest hits and it is a great reminder of their influence on punk rock and new wave music.


  • Mike Peters: guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • James Stevenson: guitar
  • Craig Adams: bass
  • Smiley: drums, piano
  • Mark Taylor: piano

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