Three Lock Box – Sammy Hagar – 1982


Album Three Lock Box by Sammy Hagar
Album Three Lock Box by Sammy Hagar

Three Lock Box is the seventh studio album by American rock singer Sammy Hagar, released in 1982.

The album features a more polished and radio-friendly sound than his previous albums, and includes the hit single “Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy”, which reached number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The title track is a reference to the three metal vocal registers that Hagar uses in his singing style, and also to the mystical concept of a three-lock box that contains the secret of universal truth and love.

The album cover depicts Hagar wearing a jumpsuit with three locks on his chest, symbolizing his musical and spiritual quest.

Three Lock Box” was a commercial success, reaching number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling over 2 million copies in the United States. It also spawned two top 10 singles, “Three Lock Box” and “Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy.”

The personnel of the album Three Lock Box by Sammy Hagar, released in 1982, are:

  • Sammy Hagar – lead vocals, guitar
  • Gary Pihl – guitar
  • Bill Church – bass
  • David Lauser – drums
  • Jonathan Cain – keyboards and backing vocals on “Remember the Heroes”
  • Mike Reno – vocals on “Remember the Heroes”
  • Alan Pasqua – keyboards
  • Patrick Gleason – sound effects
  • Richard Page – additional backing vocals
  • Tom Kelly – additional backing vocals

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