Time Vaults – Van der Graaf Generator – 1981


Album Time Vaults by Van der Graaf Generator
Album Time Vaults by Van der Graaf Generator

Time Vaults is a rare and fascinating album by Van der Graaf Generator, a progressive rock band from England. The album was originally released in 1982 on cassette only, and contains outtakes and rehearsals from the period 1972-1975, when the band was on hiatus. The album showcases the band’s experimental and creative side, as well as their technical skills and musical chemistry. Some of the tracks are unfinished or improvised, while others are alternate versions of songs that appeared on solo albums by Peter Hammill, the band’s leader and vocalist. The album also features a collage track called “Time Vaults”, which mixes several unreleased pieces with studio chatter. The album is a must-have for fans of Van der Graaf Generator and progressive rock in general, as it offers a glimpse into the band’s inner workings and artistic vision.

Time Vaults is a valuable addition to the Van der Graaf Generator discography. It provides a fascinating glimpse into the band’s early development, and is sure to appeal to fans of progressive rock.


  • Peter Hammill: vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Hugh Banton: organ, bass pedals
  • Guy Evans: drums, percussion
  • David Jackson: saxophones, flute

The different versions published for this album :